Proven International Business Consulting

Global policy and business issues have become increasingly transparent, overlapping and interlocking. 24 hour news and data streams are creating new rules of engagement, new opportunities for accomplishment, new modes of operation. Washington’s importance as the world’s arbiter for policy, regulation, and relief in government, business and non-profit arenas reaches and impacts every market. We have translated substantive expertise in U.S. political process into real insight on how to strategically and programmatically mobilize and manage complex constituencies and achieve significant results. Our experience includes Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America, Central America and North America. We have special expertise with dedicated staff on Africa. We work with businesses, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), non-profits, non-U.S. governments and states within other countries. Our consulting services focus on analyzing markets and identifying growth opportunities, creating business strategies, developing partnerships, managing government relationships and optimizing positioning to address regulatory climates.

Business Strategy and Partnerships

  • Analyze markets, sectors and vertical industries (local, regional, global)
  • Forecast market potential for products, services and alliances
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Develop business strategy and plan market entry

Government Relations and Regulatory Climate

  • Advocate directly with national and local governments
  • Represent foreign governments directly before congress, the executive branch and the business community
  • Synthesize strategic information on emerging opportunities, privatization initiatives and competitive bidding
  • Monitor political risk and create mitigation strategies
  • Direct fact-finding surveys with government regulatory entities, competitors and prospective suppliers
  • Quantify competitive position, identify opportunities and establish benchmarks
  • Develop and implement strategies to attract and retain inward direct investment

The Nando Group

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